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Hello, I am Elena Loli Mazilu and i am a Certified RTT Hypnotherapist !

I learned all of my special techniques from my amazing Teacher Marisa Peer she helped me find the Job of my dreams, because I love helping and healing people !

The biggest disease affecting humanity '' I am not enough ''


- Marisa Peer

My Story

I am Elena Loli Mazilu I grew up in a family full of love that came from my mother, a large family with 6 children all united and very close! In our house you could smell the feeling of love! My mother who was a beautiful person from all points of view! despite the fact that I had a narcissistic father who only loved himself. But later I realised why he was like that and it was because he grew up without love and he learned nothing from his family. He was at work all day so he didn't stay with us too long throughout the day... Our mother was attached  to us! She was a very strong woman and we are all proud to be her children! We were everything to her. All of her life revolved around us, we were everything to her, She was a noble person,  A person that was too good for this world ... she was a divine person ... she would help everyone ! she didn't know how to argue and she taught us that being angry and fighting is not the solution to any problem! I took a lot of beautiful things from her ! It was a shock to me and my siblings when she unfortunately had to leave this world ... it was a shocking and an ugly feeling, we were all devastated. She gave me strength for everything I achieved in my life.. she was our role model for me and my siblings! She taught me that if you are strong then life is great .. and you choose to do it the way you want!  Psychology has always attracted me, I was fascinated ... I remember giving advice to my friends, to my siblings and i remember  once my best friend had a problem so she came to me and asked my advice!  She listened to me and she did what I advised her but guess what.. she succeeded ! she was very happy that everything turned out the way she wanted thanks to my advice !  I eventually found a great hypnotherapist who was also my mentor Marisa Peer, She helped me to find my purpose in life and to trust the power I have in me! I can now help people discover their destiny, to cleanse themselves of negative energies and make them realise that anything  is possible if you want !  If you strongly believe in yourself everything is possible in life! My passion is to help everyone in need ! especially Women to trust themselves, stand up for themselves, never give up and let them know that life is great and worth living! but you have to know how to manage with hard moments that appear in life. Anything that doesn't make you happy you can change it and create the life you love and desire !

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